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 his is the story of a dream:
maintaining the spirit of my cultural heritage alive through art


As a third generation jewelry designer from Cuenca - cultural capital of Ecuador - my entire life has revolved around art. A profound love for Andean culture and jewelry became one: my calling was born.

With the help of a Masters Degree in Craft and Teaching, as well as a Bachelor’s in Marketing, I created
“Andrea Tello Jewelry” to rescue our  ancestral arts and globalize their aesthetic and cultural value.


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Permanent Exhibitions

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UNESCO RECOGNITION for excellence in:

- Design and Innovation of Filigree (Ecuador, 2011)
- Craftsmanship in the Andean Region (Ecuador 2010)


Selection criteria: Excellence, Authenticity, Innovation, Marketing, Respect for the environment, Social responsibility-

Appointed member of Latin America of the WCC (World Craft Council) that aims to strengthen the future of Ecuadorian craftsmanship; supporting and promoting economic development through innovation, design and marketing (January 2018)

Named Ambassador of Ecuador of MOLA  (Latin American Fashion), a multidisciplinary platform that aims to position and promote the design and sustainable fashion of Latin America (April 2018)


Museum of Public Arts


Shanghai, China

Connecting Cultures

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Social Sustainability

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To transform Andean heritage into fine filigree jewelry for the global art market through the fusion of traditional craft techniques and a modern aesthetic approach that creates a viable and valuable artisanal product.


To preserve our cultural legacy and promote economic devolpment through a socially-responsible and ecologically sustainable model that trains and employs underpriveledged young men of Ecuador’s
rural areas in the ways of their ancestral arts.

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