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Filigree is an ancient technique handcrafted by the indigenous people of the Andes. Inspired by the embroidery of their women’s traditional dress, each flower, line and curve conveys a meaning and speaks of their traditions, wisdom and folk customs.

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Represents the path.
God shows us our destiny by following this path.


Cosmological, scientific and philosophical understanding. 

It symbolizes the union of men and  women by the heart.

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Whole Flower

Means that a woman has fulfilled her dreams in life.
She is now complete.

Uku Pacha

Indigenous people believed that the Shamans were able speak to the dead, so they traveled to this inner sacred space.

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When the flower is not perfectly rounded means that even though the woman had a hard life she was able to fulfill her dreams.

Amary Maya

This spiral or snake type of lines give the rhythm to life.

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Half Flower

When a woman is married both husband and wife are one soul, one blessed body.


The Peacock is a special creature, it is God’s animal.

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Vertical Designs

Represents the spiritual line: 

1. God and Cosmos
2. Mind and women’s power
3. Woman's heart

The Double Flower

Symbolizes growth through new opportunities. 

Only recently indigenous women are being educated; going to school means personal growth and new opportunities for them.

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An Andean woman is looking for a boyfriend.
Blessed Couple.

The Tupo

Represents the Indigenous God, the Sun.

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Represents our communication
with the sky. 

Announces surprises such
asbirth or death.

Killa (Moon)

Mother of the Incas. Counselor and guardian. Healer of disease.

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Pacha Kutik 

Shows us that everything in life returns, old and new times.

Inti (Sun)

Owner of life, mentor of all living beings on Earth.

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